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Wildwood Green Golf Club Raleigh, NC

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WildOats Local Wildwood Green Rules of Golf

April 28, 2019

WildOats Local Wildwood Green Rules of Golf

Follow the USGA rules, Wildwood Green Rules and the following WildOats exceptions.

You may lift, clean and place the ball no more than ONE Foot in your own fairway, no closer to the hole

 Note: If the course conditions dictate that carts are restricted to the cart path for the course or individual holes, you may lift, clean and place the ball no more than ONE club length (avoiding any casual water) no closer to the hole anywhere on the course except in a hazard or sand trap. This applies only to the holes that have restricted carts to the path. 

  • Leaf Rule:-if your ball is lost in the leaves, (not in a hazard or out of bounds), drop a ball in the area where, in the opinion of your group, the ball landed. No penalty
  • Safety-in the interest of not damaging our clubs or ourselves, if your ball lands in an area where you could fairly hit the ball  and there are rocks or tree roots near or under you ball, move the ball to the nearest area that avoids these items and drop with No penalty.
  • if ball is on bare hard packed earth, drop on nearest grass, no closer to the hole. No penalty

The following are Unique WildOats rules per hole

Hole 5
Brook on right, drop ball two club lengths to left of cart path no closer to hole.
1 stroke penalty

Hole 9 
The trees along the right   side of the fairway shall be treated as a hazard.
 1 stroke penalty

Hole 11
Ball in lake can be dropped between the end of the lake and cart path. 1 stroke penalty

Hole 12                                                                                Ball in the woods or on the hill on right side of the cart path can be treated as a water hazard.1 stroke penalty

Player Responsibilities

1.  Know the game that is being contested on that day.

2.  Turn in a totaled, accurate scorecard . ASAP after completing play.

3.  Stay in close proximity to the group in front of you

4.  All instructions from the Ranger must be followed. If you are asked to skip a hole      your score will be NET par.
     Failure to follow Ranger instructions could result in disqualification