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How the WildOats Golf Group Operates

The WildOats is the senior men’s golf group (age 50 and over) at the
Wildwood Green Golf Club. Current WildOats officers are:  



 President; Mick Repanich


 Vice President/Secretary; Vacant




 Treasurer; Jim Holmes




 Tournament Chairman; Fritz Kindsvatter

  Past President; Rich Bradley


Registrar; John Bitzenhofer





Assistant Registrar; Paul Rutman


Organization and Officers

The WildOats is the senior men’s golf group (age 50 and over) at the
Wildwood Green Golf Club.  One becomes a member by being
a member of the Wildwood Green Golf Club and then paying the WildOats
annual dues, currently $25, to the Treasurer.

WildOats activities are planned and carried out by WildOats members, with
support from the Wildwood Green staff. A member may participate in
any WildOats activity by signing up and paying the annual dues. Our
major play day is on Thursdays and is coordinated by the Wildwood
Green staff and Fritz Kindvatter. We also usually play on Tuesdays with
those games being currently coordinated by:
Tuesdays:   John Bitzenhofer on the first and fifth Tuesday of each month.
            Ken Oakley
 on the second Tuesday of each month.                              Paul Rutman on the third Tuesday of each month.
            John Hagerty on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Game Days and Sign Up Procedures

The Thursday Game

You must be a WildOat’s member to participate in our Thursday game..
There is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board near the GHIN computer,
with the tee off time, which changes seasonally, indicated (often a
modified shotgun start). Members who want to play should PERSONALLY
put their name on these lists. The cutoff time for signing up is 2
p.m. Wednesday and the sign up sheet will be taken down at that time.
Fritz Kindsvatter will determine the type of game to be played based
on the number of those who sign up. The Wildwood Green staff will
then prepare the scorecards for the selected game. Assignment of
players to teams and teams to starting holes is then made by the
Wildwood staff and will be available at the front desk Thursday

Anyone who signs up after 2 p.m. Wednesday will be added to a Standby List
and will be notified early Thursday morning if room is available for
them to play. A good variety of stroke play, match play, team and
individual  games are played throughout the year. The required entry
fee, usually $5, is paid at the front desk on Thursday morning when
you sign in. Questions about the Thursday game should be addressed to
Fritz Kindsvatter, the Tournament Chairman..

The Tuesday Games

You do NOT need to be a member of the WildOats to play in the Tuesday games unless it is a special WildOats’ event. For Tuesday golf, a WildOats member arranges a limited number
of tee times at the front desk. The sign up sheet for Tuesday is on the bulletin board near the GHIN computer. Members who want to play should PERSONALLY put their name on sign up sheet.

The sign up sheet for Tuesday remain on the bulletin board until 2 p.m. Monday,the managing WildOats member will choose the type of game, assign players to teams, assign starting times, collect the required entry fee, usually $5, and other optional fees. The member running the game is usually found in the grill room,unless they are preparing to play; in that case, ask other players for help.
Wildwood staff is NOT usually involved in the Tuesday  process. 

Persons that sign up are expected to play and to be at the course in time to
pay their fees and get together with their team before it's time to tee
off. If you have a specific need to be in the first or last group
please note it on the sign up sheet. If you signed up but cannot
play, you are expected to remove your name from the list before 2 p.m. the
previous day. For cancellations on the day of play, if absolutely
necessary, please call the club early and ask that the member running
the game be notified, so that changes can be made. If you are in
doubt about whether you signed up for a specific day, please check
the lists on the bulletin board.

If you are traveling and cannot get to the clubhouse to sign up for the Tuesday, or Thursday games you may call the Wildwood Green
clubhouse and ask a member of the staff to sign you up. Please be
explicit regarding which day you wish to play and get a confirmation
that the staff member signed you up. 

Other Activities

The WildOats also has two annual tournaments and meetings and two Jack
and Jill Tournaments which we play with the Wild Flowers, the
Wildwood Green ladies group. At the appropriate time, usually two
weeks before these events, a sign up sheet will be on the bulletin
board in the grill room , with information included. Generally, these
events are run like a Thursday  event, except the Jack and Jill
Tournaments (in May and August) have additional fees to cover lunch
and prizes,.

The WildOats annual meeting with a tournament, prizes, lunch and
elections is held in late-April. An additional tournament and lunch
is held in mid October. For the joint Holiday Social with the Wild
Flowers (usually held the first Wednesday in December), a sign up
sheet is on the bulletin board for members and their guests to
indicate attendance.

Except for special events, winners of the golf games will usually be
announced and prizes distributed in the grill. Special events which
include lunches are likely to be in the Pavilion beside the


The WildOats provide a quality golf experience to all members. This
cannot be done when players fail to appear or show up late
necessitating  on-the-fly changes to be made under the pressure of
getting teams on the tee. Also, WildOats’ members are expected to
maintain the proper pace of play (less than 4 ½ hours per round) by
keeping up with the group in front of them. Other suggestions to
improve the pace of play are also posted on this Web site.

If you have any questions regarding the WildOats please contact one of
the officers.

 Constitution and By-Laws




Senior Men’s Golf Organization at Wildwood Green Golf Club




The name of the organization shall be “THE WILD OATS”.


The Wild Oats is an unincorporated, non-profit organization with the objective and purpose of sponsoring and encouraging organized amateur recreational golf activity for senior men golfers who are members of Wildwood Green Golf Club. Friendly competition, USGA rules adherence and camaraderie underlie all activities.


Any male member in good standing with the Wildwood Green Golf Club at least 50 years of age and with a maximum USGA Wildwood Green Golf Club established and maintained handicap no higher than 40 from the Wildwood gold tees may become a member of this organization by payment of dues in advance. All members have voting privileges.


Before applying to join the Wild Oats, a minimum of 3 submitted and recorded 18-hole golf scores must be entered into the Wildwood Green Golf Club handicap computer system to initially establish your required handicap.




Members are required to pay dues and assessments which are approved by vote of the members. Dues and assessments are used to fund the activities of the organization.


Fees for weekly events will be approved by vote of the members. Fees for special events will be set by the Tournament Chairman, as part of the plan for the event.


All fees, dues and assessments will be used exclusively for the benefit of the members for outings, prizes, trophies, social events, memorials and the like. The President and/or Treasurer will approve expenses before payment.




Officers will be elected at the Annual Meeting, or at a meeting called for the purpose. The term of office will coincide with the fiscal year, which begins April 1, and will be one year, except for the Treasurer, who is elected for two years. Elected Officers will be the President, Vice President/ Secretary,  Treasurer, Tournament Chairman  and Registrar.


Prior to elections, the Board will solicit candidates for the officer positions and put them forth at the meeting for consideration by members. The most recent ex-President is a non-officer board member not elected. Additional non-officer board members may also be proposed by the current board if the Board deems this desirable. Additional nominations may be made from the floor for both the officer and non-officer board positions and will be given equal consideration during the election process.


The Board of the organization will include the Officers, the most recent ex-President, the Game Managers and elected non-officer board members, if any. The Board will meet as needed. The Board will fill any vacancies that may occur between Annual Meetings.


Special committees may be established by the President with the approval of the Board, as deemed necessary. These committees automatically cease to exist when their reports are accepted by the Board.


The members will meet at least once a year, typically at the Annual Meeting; other meetings may be called at the discretion of the President. 25 % of the members constitute a quorum to transact business. A member must be present to vote. Unless specified otherwise, a simple majority is needed for a passing vote.




The President is responsible for the effective functioning of the Wild Oats and performs the duties needed to accomplish that objective. He presides at all meetings, reports to the members and is a liaison with the management of Wildwood Green Golf Club.


The Vice President/Secretary performs the duties of President should the need arise. As the Vice President, he performs duties as requested by the President. As the Secretary, he corresponds with the members and others related to matters of interest and keeps information for that purpose. He shall also keep a record of decisions made at Board meetings and Annual Meetings.


The Treasurer collects dues from members and pays expenses, keeps records of monies received and paid out and keeps the President and Board informed of the financial status of the organization. He may prorate dues for new members who join after the annual date to pay dues.


The Tournament Chairman is responsible for the golfing activities of the organization, including games managed by other members. He sets local course rules for The Wild Oats and informs the members of them, resolves disputes about rules infractions and is the primary contact with the Golf Professionals, Greens Superintendent and Club Management at Wildwood Green Golf Club.


The Registrar will be responsible for the maintenance of records reflecting all Wildoats' member information  (ie.  name, telephone number, spouse's name and e-mail address ). He shall update and disseminate this information to the Board and all other members on a periodic basis. The Registrar is also responsible for maintaining current handicaps for all Wildoats' members and communicating this information to the Game Managers on a bi - monthly basis.



Elected non-officer members of the Board may be assigned tasks decided upon at meetings of the Board.





The official Wild Oats weekly tournament is played on Thursday, with the format decided by the Tournament Chairman. The games on other days have their format decided by the Game Manager. Wild Oats' members need to sign up in advance for each day's play and pay the fee. Guests (nonmembers of Wildwood Green) may play with a member and are eligible for prizes if they pay the fee. Members of Wildwood Green Golf Club with an established handicap no higher than 40 from the Gold tees are eligible to play with the Wild Oats on a limited basis before becoming Wild Oats' members.


There are at least two special tournaments each year, one prior to the Annual Meeting in the Spring and one in the Fall. Guests may not win prizes that are funded from the Wild Oats’ treasury. Other tournaments may be held if desired. The format, prizes, etc. for these events are decided by the Tournament Chairman.


Members are required to have properly maintained handicaps on the Wildwood Green handicap system and should enter the information themselves, unless directed otherwise. An honestly kept handicap is a prerequisite to membership in the Wild Oats.




The Constitution and By-laws may be amended at any meeting of the organization by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided the proposed change has been approved by the Board and the change has been circulated for review by the members for at least 30 days prior to the date of the vote.




DATE: 4/28/13 PRESIDENT: Paul Robitaille

Updated 5/4/2018 John Bitzenhofer for PRESIDENT: Rich Bradley