WildOats Senior Men's Golf Group

Wildwood Green Golf Club Raleigh, NC

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Game Managers

The Wildoats have reserved tees time on three days during the week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Signup sheets are placed on the bulletin board a week in advance and removed the day before the scheduled match at 2:00 PM. Game managers are responsible for collecting the signup sheets, determining the game to be played, creating the teams and assigning the starting hole for each team. Any changes to the signup sheet after it is removed should be communicated to the game manager (do not call course) . Game managers will make every effort to find a spot for everyone to play but people who have not signed up by 2:00 PM may not be able to participate in the game for the day.

 The Game managers are:

Mondays – Rich Bradley Cell 919-623-5442   Home 919-806-1176


First  Tuesday of the month - John Bitzenhofer   Cell 919-906-5151  Home 919-782-0644
Second Tuesday of the month – Ken Oakley  Cell 919-413-4881
Third Tuesday of the month – Paul Rutman Cell 984-234-9515
Fourth Tuesday of the month – John Hagerty  Home 919-787-3819
Fifth Tuesday of the month - John Bitzenhofer   Cell 919-906-5151  Home 919-782-0644

Thursdays - Fritz Kindsvatter   Cell – 919-417-9696  HOME – 919-676-6787

Please call the club house or Game Manager if you must cancel.